Rabu, 05 November 2008

Icon Remover

Some of the new USB devices such as ADSL cable modems, SATA HDD drives, ZIP Drives, External CDROMs are hotplug devices. Hotplug device mean that you can remove this device at any time without switching off the computer. If you want to remove this device then use "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray (small green arrow near the clock). It is possible that you never unplug this device. So how do you get rid of the icon? Try Icon Remover! Just press the button "Hide Safely remove hardware Icon". Thats all! If you want to get icon back then just press the button "Show Safely remove hardware Icon".

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Sebagian USB device yang baru seperti ADSL kabel modems, SATA HDD driver, ZIP driver, Eksternal CDROMS adalah hotplug devices. Hotplug devices maksudnya blogger dapat menghapus device ini setiap saat tanpa mematikan komputer. Jika kamu ingin menghapus device ini gunakan perintah "Safely Remove Hardware" ikon di system tray ( panah hijau kecil dekat jam). bisa saja blogger membiarkan device ini. tapi bagaimana kalo kita ingin menghilangkan iconnya?

Coba Icon Remover!Tinggal tekan tombol "Remove the Safely Remove Hardware Icon" Thats all!yah...cuman gitu aja..simple kan?
Jika kamu ingin mengembalikan ikon tinggal tekan tombol "Show the Safely Remove Hardware Icon"

Icon Remover menawarkan fitur:

Menghilangkan "Safely Remove Hardware" ikon.
Blogger dapat mengembalikan ikon tersebut setiap saat dengan mengetikkan perintah di command line "/removeicon" dan perintah "/showicon"
Semuanya Gratis..tis..tis!

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