Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011


Dulu ikut site ini trustable, karena banyak sekali yg merefer kesana karena payoutnya yg bagus. tapi ternyata PTC asing yg satu ini akhirnya tutup jugak,beware!!!! berikut kutipan resminya dari

Dear Members! We have been with you for allmost four months, however it feels like we have Vynbux for at least a year, so intense this time has been for us, so much work and effort went into it... During that time we didn't make a profit, our aim was to survive and grow into a big Website. We changed some rules and cut some profits because we had to do so to stay alive. and so sorry we are to say now that due to financial difficulties we have to close the Website. We truly sorry, please accept our apologies!

We would be really happy to give it to someone who can take a good care of the Site and its Members. If you interested please email us to:

This is BizOppers