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Dapat email pemberitahuan bahwa alamat email kita yang di akan segera berubah ke sepat ataupun lambat. Bila anda biarkan maka dengan sendirinya alamat email akan berubah ketika secara resmi hotmail merubah alamat emailnya jadi Namun jika ingin secepatnya pengen tahu dan merubahnya sendiri segera klik pemberitahuan di email yg berasal dari Isi email kira-kira seperti dibawah ini

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Outlook - Upgrade your Hotmail inbox to
Upgrade your Hotmail inbox to
One click puts your inbox on a whole new level.
Get the newest email service from Microsoft for free.
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Your Hotmail inbox will be automatically upgraded to soon, or you can quickly upgrade today by clicking the button above. has the best of Hotmail's features like Sweep, Filters and world-class spam protection that blocks 97% of spam from your inbox. When you upgrade to you get so much more than just a new inbox.
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The new inbox has a streamlined design with less clutter and shows 30% more messages in the inbox. When you're writing emails to your friends and contacts, you can see their latest Facebook and Twitter updates in the same window.
Do More includes 7GB of free SkyDrive cloud storage and free access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint Web Apps. You can create, store and share files with anyone, all in one place. SkyDrive is also a great place to store and share your personal photos.
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We're constantly working to improve email. Soon, you'll be able to video call with Skype from your inbox, and we've got many other great features in development.
A seamless upgrade – no worries necessary
When you upgrade to, your email address, password, emails and contacts will remain the same. If you like, you can get a new address by following the instructions here. If you have questions about the upgrade, please visit our FAQ page.
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